4 Tips For Hiring A Charter Bus For A Youth Trip


If you are taking a group of minors on a trip, hiring a charter bus with a private driver is generally a good idea. Not only will it help ensure the safe and timely arrival of your group, but it allows the adults in your group to focus on supervising and entertaining the children as opposed to driving. However, if you will be hiring a charter bus for a youth trip, there are a few special things that you should keep in mind.

7 November 2016

Three Tips To Improve Your Party On The Party Bus


There is more to a great party bus event than just renting the bus. You need to make sure you get a bus package that covers all your bases and that you have a basic plan in place for the evening. Combine that with an attitude primed to have a good time, and you will have a successful evening. The following guide can help you get everything lined up for the party.

27 June 2016