4 Tips For Hiring A Charter Bus For A Youth Trip


If you are taking a group of minors on a trip, hiring a charter bus with a private driver is generally a good idea. Not only will it help ensure the safe and timely arrival of your group, but it allows the adults in your group to focus on supervising and entertaining the children as opposed to driving. However, if you will be hiring a charter bus for a youth trip, there are a few special things that you should keep in mind. 

Make Sure Each Child Has a Permission Slip 

Most charter companies require that unaccompanied minors have a signed permission slip in order to board the bus. For some companies, the general permission slip for your trip, which gives your adult leaders responsibility for the children, will suffice. Other companies will insist on their own permission slips that will be given to the driver when the children board. Make sure you know what type of permission slip is needed in advance and that every child has a slip on the day of the trip. 

Educate the Children About the Bus Rules Before the Trip 

Unlike school buses, many charter buses will allow food and drink on the bus and will feature more complex entertainment systems or on-board bathrooms. It is important that you go over the rules regarding these features before the day of the trip. For example, you may allow water on the bus but not soda or juice. Additionally, you may accept mp3 players with music but only if the songs do not have vulgar or inappropriate lyrics. 

Plan Out Entertainment for the Trip 

If your trip will be long, you should have some games ready to play or movies ready to watch. While it is important to give your group some downtime on the bus to promote bonding, you also do not want your group to get bored and restless. You may also want the driver to drive a certain route so you can point out interesting landmarks to your group. 

Let the Charter Company Know If You Will Need Extra Stops Along the Way

Younger children often need more bathroom breaks than older children and adults. Additionally, to prevent motion sickness, it can be good to have a few breaks during a longer trip. If you have a very young group traveling, make sure you let your charter company know that you would like to stop at rest areas more often than usual. 

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7 November 2016

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