3 Ways To Use A Dump Truck In The Winter


When you think about the many different ways to use a dump truck, there's a good chance that you might primarily think of summertime jobs. This type of vehicle is handy for removing fill from excavation areas, carrying dirt and stone for building and landscaping jobs, and many other similar activities. It's important to know, however, that a dump truck can also get lots of use during the winter months. If you're thinking about buying one of these heavy vehicles and you want to keep busy in the winter, here are some options.

Snow Removal

A dump truck can be a valuable vehicle for snow removal throughout the winter. If you're in an area that gets a lot of snow accumulation, it will often be necessary to transport snow away from certain areas. You can easily load snow into a dump truck with a commercial snowblower, and then carry the load of snow away and dump it in a specific area such as a snow dump. There are all sorts of locations in which this work is necessary. For example, companies that own retail buildings often want the snow carted away from their parking lots so that it doesn't form tall banks that become a safety hazard for drivers.


It's possible to equip a dump truck with salting and sanding attachments and then use the vehicle to distribute these materials in parking lots and on roads. The bin of the truck will carry a load of salt and sand, which the attachments below the vehicle's body will evenly sprinkle as the dump truck drives. Salting and sanding are an integral part of keeping the roads safe during the winter months, and an activity that can keep your dump truck busy in certain regions.


Even if you don't equip your dump truck with salting and sand attachments, it can still play a role in this type of work. For example, you can get hired to cart salt and sand from one specific area to a local depot so that local trucks can fill up with it whenever the weather is bad. Regions go through a large volume of salt and sand each winter and rely on dump trucks to bring these materials to their area. To learn more about the various types of dump trucks on the market, as well as the numerous ways to use this vehicle, contact a service like Hoelscher Bobby Trucking Inc.


2 December 2022

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