Buying A Boat? Hire A Transport Company To Relocate It For You


Buying a boat can be such an exciting experience. You probably can't wait to pick up the boat and bring it to the docks so you can set sail and enjoy the open water on your own vessel. You might be thinking of picking the boat up yourself — maybe you're going to rent a trailer or pull the boat via a hitch. While this approach may work for some people, in most cases, you are actually better off hiring a boat transport company.

11 November 2019

Tips For Hiring A Professional Car Service


As you build your business, hiring a car service can be an excellent idea. It will help your image and company culture and can be convenient in a lot of different ways. Doing business with a company that sets you up with private drivers is a useful step in the grown of your brand. Consider the following points to learn a little bit more about hiring a private car service. 

9 October 2019

Fractional Ownership And Inheritances: What You Need To Know


Fractional ownership means that you and a group of friends and/or relatives get together to buy something really expensive the rest of you could not buy on your own. Everyone gets to use this item, and when you die, you can choose to leave your share of the item to an heir, or it is bought out by one of the remaining fractional owners. When the item all of you own is a very expensive car, a plane, or a boat, an heir in this situation is going to have to make some heavy decisions.

30 July 2019

Dump Truck Basics


There are many different types of dump trucks that are on the market for either buying or renting. A dump truck is usually used for any type of project that involves transporting a large amount of loose material, including rocks, gravel, or dirt. The type of truck that you will want to get will depend on the magnitude of the material that you need to transport and how you need to move it.

11 June 2019

3 Reasons To Rent A Helicopter


Unless you're James Bond, you may think that the last thing that you will ever need is to rent a helicopter. However, there are some certain life events or occasions which may actually make you consider renting a helicopter for an hour or two. From planning an engagement to doing some unique sight-seeing, this article will go over three reasons to spend some extra money and rent one. Read on to learn more.

31 March 2019