Starting A Delivery Business With Your Cargo Or Sprinter Van? Important Things To Consider When Using Load Boards


If you own or have recently purchased a cargo or sprinter van for the purpose of starting your own delivery business, your objective is to find loads suitable for your vehicle that will also enable you to maintain your income goals for your new business. Load boards designed specifically for cargo and sprinter van owners can be a reliable source for finding loads suitable for these needs. If you are unfamiliar with using load boards, the following information can help you better understand their benefits. 

Understand how load boards work 

Much like those used in the semi trucking industry, load boards specifically designed for use by cargo and sprinter van owners acts as a marketplace where available freight loads can be matched to drivers and equipment capable of meeting the delivery requirements. Van owners can accept a single load of freight or multiple smaller ones to help reduce fuel and overhead costs while increasing profit margin. 

Consider app or site quality 

Before choosing to join any cargo or sprinter van load board, it is important to consider how they provide information to van owners. The load board site or app should always be simple to navigate, especially if it may need to be used from a mobile device.

Spend some time evaluating available load boards

Cargo and sprinter van load boards can vary widely in how they function, the areas in which their deliveries are scheduled and their ease of use by van owners. Taking some time to explore several load boards and communicate with other van owners in your area can help van owners select the best one for your individual situation and business goals. 

Expect competition for the best loads

Because cargo and sprinter van load boards are typically accessible to the public, van owners should expect the level of competition to be high, especially for loads to have good profit margin potential. Van owners must review the specifics of each available load listed on the board and then submit their bid for the job. If the client accepts their offer, the van owner will then move forward to confirm delivery, payment and other details with the client or their dispatcher before picking up the load for transport.

New cargo or sprinter van owners should expect fierce competition for profitable loads, but should remember that the process will become easier after they have successfully completed several deliveries and developed a history of meeting their deadlines and providing reliable service. To learn more about load boards for cargo and sprinter van owners, take time to discuss your situation with a reputable provider in your area.


16 March 2022

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