Steps to Take When Completing Intermodal Drayage Shipping


Sometimes in the shipping industry, it's necessary to use multiple types of shipping like air and train. If you have products that require said shipping, here are some steps you want to take to ensure intermodal drayage shipping works out consistently.

1. Rely on Durable Freights

In order to complete intermodal drayage shipping, your goods should be stored in some sort of freight. Then when the shipping vehicle changes, the freight can be loaded onto the new vehicle and shipping can commence quickly.

Make sure your goods are stored in durable freights because of the constant unloading and loading that is taking place. The freight needs to take the abuse of this constant activity because then your goods are going to be more secure as well. Nothing throughout intermodal drayage shipping should give you concern about the condition of your freights and the goods inside.

2. Make Sure Drivers are Experienced

Regardless of how many vehicle types are used to get your goods moved to a certain destination, you need to make sure the drivers of said vehicles have a lot of experience. That's going to really help minimize product damage and also keep your goods from getting misplaced.

Whether it's truck drivers, operators of trains, or pilots, the drivers of the vehicles involved need to have their license and a lot of years in their designated industry. Then you won't be as exposed to potential problems throughout intermodal drayage shipping.

3. Pay Attention to Shipping Obstacles That Come Up

When you first get started with intermodal drayage shipping, there are bound to be a couple of hurdles that you have to overcome. You need to pay attention to these obstacles carefully because they could make or break the way your company sends out products using different types of transportation.

Find out why the hurdles came up and how you can overcome them, whether it's using different vehicles or companies. Then after you find a solution, make sure you figure out ways to better deal with the same hurdles in the future. That will help intermodal drayage shipping go as planned because you'll be ready to respond in a more calculated way.

If you are looking to send goods through intermodal drayage shipping, make sure your shipping processes yield the best results with few to no complications. Then you can keep shipping costs and delays from getting out of control. 


15 July 2021

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