How To Use Airport Transportation Service For Your Family Reunion


If you are planning to attend your next family reunion that involves flight travel, think about arranging ahead for airport transportation service. 

Contact the head agent of the airport service and give him or her all of the information that will be needed. Keep that individual's name, plus the name of a backup agent who will be ready to answer questions and address concerns before you land at your destination. 

The agent will want to know how many will be in your group and at what time each party will arrive at the airport. If your hotel doesn't provide shuttle service from the airport to the hotel, he or she will also be happy to arrange for airport taxi service to your accommodations. That is also true if you are staying somewhere like an AirBnB or at a Bed & Breakfast. 

Airport taxi service is probably your safest way to travel when you need a taxi. The drivers will have vetted to make sure each one has his or her driver's license and other pertinent documents. Your driver will probably be able to show you points of interest.

If your group is staying close to local attractions, you may not need taxi service. However, if you are planning to go a distance that is too far for you to walk, taxi service will be a good solution. If possible, ahead of time give the taxi service agent the exact information that will be needed for your local travel. For instance, he or she will need to know where you want to go, and at the dates and times that transportation will be needed.

The agent will also want to know how many people are in your group so that sufficient  transportation can be reserved. It might be recommended that you use vans that are driven by qualified drivers. Of course, you could also rent vehicles. However, having a driver will mean that you won't have to worry about getting lost. In addition, parking vehicles once you arrive at your different destinations won't be a concern for you. 

If anybody in your group will be needing a wheelchair, that is something else the agent will want to know. Remind family members who have children who need a car seat to bring them on the trip. There will more than likely be car seats available at the airport transportation office, but there will also probably be a fee for that service. 


31 July 2020

Exploring Airport Transportation Options

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