Dump Truck Basics


There are many different types of dump trucks that are on the market for either buying or renting. A dump truck is usually used for any type of project that involves transporting a large amount of loose material, including rocks, gravel, or dirt. The type of truck that you will want to get will depend on the magnitude of the material that you need to transport and how you need to move it. In order to understand the differences between the trucks below, one should be aware that a short ton, or U.S. ton, weighs 2000 lbs, while a long ton or U.K. ton weighs 2240 lbs.

Basic Dump Truck

A basic dump truck is one that has a large bed that is hinged at the end of the truck, allowing it to be raised by a hydraulic ram so that the contents can be dumped. A basic, run-of-the-mill dump truck can haul anywhere from five to seven short tons. Basic dump trucks usually have one driving axle up front as well as a tandem axle in the back to allow for easy steering and maneuverability. A tandem axle is basically when there are two axles right next to one another on a trailer. Most tandem axles are also dual axles, meaning they have two tires on each side of each axle.

Semi Dump Truck

A semi dump truck will be able to hold much more weight because it will have 18 wheels to spread the weight of the load over. Semis can carry up to 40 tons. A semi dump truck has one large trailer that is hefted high into the air with a very long hydraulic ram, and it is much larger than a basic dump truck. Semi dump trucks are often used for large commercial construction jobs because there is a lot of material to transfer.

Semi Side Dump

A semi side dump truck is one that allows for drivers to dump their load in a smaller space than a normal semi dump truck. Instead of needing tons of overhead space, the hydraulics of the truck dump the load off to the left of the truck, making this truck an easier fit in some circumstances.

In conclusion, you should choose the truck you need based on how much material you are planning on hauling. The more dirt that you have, the bigger truck you need. Multiple trips can be attempted, but time is money, and you should save yours.

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11 June 2019

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