6 Simple Limo Etiquette Rules For First Time Renters


If you will be renting a limo for the first time soon, make sure you brush up and are familiar with the following six simple limo etiquette rules.

1. Be Respectful And Polite To The Limo Driver

The job of the limo driver is to drive you around and make sure that you enjoy your experience. It is not the limo driver's job to be your personal servant. Make sure that you treat the limo driver with respect; be polite when they ask where you want to go and make sure that you thank them when you exit the limo.

2. Treat The Limo With Care

You are riding in a very expensive and well taken care of vehicle that a company depends on for its livelihood. Enjoy and appreciate the luxury of the vehicle that you are renting. At the same time, make sure you treat the limo with care and respect.

If you consume drinks or food inside of the limo, try not to spill or make a huge mess. Place your trash in the appropriate trash bins; don't just leave it lying around. Don't be so rough that you damage the seats. If you cause damage to the limo, you may be responsible for the repairs, which could be costly. You can avoid any awkward conversations about damage by being respectful and enjoying the luxury of your ride.

3. Stay Within The Stated Capacity Limits

When you rent a limo, the company you rent from will let you know the pre-fixed seating capacity. The seating capacity is generally based on state laws which dictate how many passengers each vehicle can safely carry.

If you know you will have a large party, make sure that you rent a limo large enough for the entire party. Do not try to sneak an extra person into the limo; that puts your limo driver in the very uncomfortable position of having to enforce the rules and ask the person to leave. You could even have your service agreement terminated if you disrespect the pre-fix seating capacity.

4. Follow All Local Laws

Before you sign your rental agreement, the limo company should let you know about all local laws that you will need to obey will using the limo. In many states, it is illegal to stand-up through the sunroof when the vehicle is in use. You will also need to respect other applicable state laws, such as no underage drinking or drug use while inside of the limo. Such activity could cause your service agreement to be immediately terminated and puts the limo company at risk of legal sanctions if this behavior is discovered by the police.

You can have fun and enjoy a beverage or two if you are of legal drinking age; just keep in mind that all the normal laws still apply while you are inside of the limo, regardless of what you may have seen portrayed on television and in the movies.

5. Keep Track Of Your Personal Belongings

While using a limo service, you are responsible for keeping track of your own personal belongings. Don't leave valuable items inside of the limo. It is your responsibility to keep track of your items; it is not the responsibility of the limo company to keep your items safe.

6. Be Prepared To Tip The Driver

You are not required to tip the limo driver; however, if the limo driver is courteous, friendly, helpful and does a great job, then you should be prepared to tip them. Generally, a time of about fifteen to twenty percent is considered appropriate. If you decide to tip your driver, you should do so at the end of the day or the evening.

Renting a limo can be a fun and enjoyable experience, especially if you follow the six simple etiquette rules listed above. Just remember to be respectful and follow the rules of the limo company and your state, and your first limo renting experience should go off without a hitch.

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30 July 2015

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