Tips For Increasing Your Chances Of Success As An Owner-Operator


If you have decided to start a trucking company, then you aren't alone. With approximately 350,000 other United States owner operator trucking companies, you will be joining a vast group of business owners. Starting a business as an owner-operator can be challenging in the beginning, so here are some useful tips for increasing your chances of succeeding at your new business:

Choose your deliveries carefully

By opting to accept over-sized loads, hazmat, and other alternative deliveries, you have the potential to earn substantially more money due to the increased danger. However, you will be required to pay for extra insurance, as well as attend a special training class, after which you would be required to pay for additional licensing. It might seem as if you can make more money, but will you really be making more in the long run? This is why it is important to consider every aspect of your decision regarding the type of deliveries you will perform.

Keep your tractor trailer well-maintained

Maintaining your tractor trailer can save you a significant amount of money. Without regular oil changes, tire replacement, and other important maintenance tasks, your rig will eventually require some expensive repairs and replacements. An oil change could easily cost you $1,000, but a new engine costs substantially more. You could also consider learning to perform some of the maintenance yourself, as you can save a great deal. 

Create a business plan and adhere to it

While a business plan is certainly smart, it's not an absolute requirement for businesses unless seeking a business loan. Despite the fact that it isn't required, it's a good idea to have a business plan. One definite benefit of a business plan is that it can help you to properly manage your cash flow. You will have an easier time tracking your spending, which can minimize the likelihood that your business will fail. 

Ensure that you have access to lots of cash

Starting your own trucking business can be quite expensive, especially in the beginning. There is the cost of the tractor trailer, maintenance costs, tires, licenses, gas, and much more. The costs will accumulate quickly, so you must ensure that you have access to large amounts of money. Credit would definitely suffice; however, you don't want to get into too much debt. Credit card bills can quickly mount, and having to pay too many of them could result in your failure.

Just because you have a semi truck doesn't guarantee that you will be successful when starting a business. There is a great deal involved, and you need to create and follow a strategic plan if you expect to truly meet your goals. Once you develop a sound plan and follow it carefully, you will then improve your chances of becoming a true success. 


20 July 2015

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