Key Questions To Ask Before You Rent A Limo


Whether you're gearing up for an exciting event such as a wedding or graduation or preparing for a more solemn occasion, such as a funeral, it's common to find yourself planning a limousine rental. When you're speaking to the limo company's rental agent, your main priorities are likely ensuring a limo is available on the day of your event and determining how much it will cost. But by asking a few other key questions, you can make the most out of the experience. Here are some important questions to add to your discussion.

Is It Possible to Book a Specific Limo?

Large limo companies have extensive fleets of vehicles, and while you can book a specific vehicle class, you won't always be guaranteed a specific vehicle -- that is, unless you ask. Many companies allow you to book specific limos, either that you see online or during an in-person visit, provided you meet certain criteria. For example, you might have to book the limo for a specific duration. Paying for an extra hour or two can be worth it to get the limo you really want.

Do I Have a Grace Period If I Go Over My Booking Time?

Limo companies typically know that unexpected situations can cause you to need the limo for longer than your allotted time. Whether your wedding photos take long than expected or you find yourself detained by a long line of people at a funeral, you need to know how the limo company will handle the situation. Some companies have grace periods of 15 minutes, but will begin to charge you afterward. By knowing the grace period -- and the rate you'll be charged thereafter -- you can avoid any surprises on the bill.

Is a Tip For the Driver Included In The Rental Price?

The answer to this question might be "no," but it's still important to ask. Just like riding in a taxi, it's proper etiquette to tip your limo driver as a sign of your appreciation for his care and attentiveness. If the limo company confirms that your rate doesn't include a tip, be sure to budget for a tip of 15 to 20 percent.

What Refreshments Do I Need to Bring?

Part of the enjoyment of riding in a limo on a happy occasion is the ability to sip a drink along the way, so be sure to ask if the limo companies provide refreshments. Companies typically stock their limos with glasses and ice, and may also include soft drinks and water, but require that you contribute your own alcoholic beverages. By assuring that you should bring your own wine or beer, you'll avoid the risk of upsetting your fellow travelers.

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29 May 2015

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