3 Advantages Of Professional Transportation For Your Group Winery Tour


As you think about arranging a tour of wineries for a group of friends or colleagues, you keep wondering whether hiring transportation is really worth it. Instead, all of you could ride in a few minivans and sport utility vehicles and make your way to some wineries over the afternoon, then enjoy an early dinner. It's time to consider the definitive advantages of having a professional driver and group transport when embarking on a wine tour like this one. Then you can make the best decision.


With all participants traveling together in one coach, camaraderie is enhanced. You can print handouts with descriptions of the wineries you're going to and the varieties they offer for samples, and all the people in your group can discuss these details together. After each stop, everyone can talk about what they especially liked. The group isn't divided up, which would lessen the sense of conviviality.


When you're all in one vehicle, there's no chance that a handful of people will stray off the path in a separate car. You'd be surprised how often this can happen, especially if your tour isn't local and there are many interesting sights to view. One of the main points of this trip is to have fun as a group, and when four or five individuals decide to go their own way for a while, that detracts from the original purpose.


Perhaps the most important consideration is that nobody in your group will get stopped for driving under the influence. That's a risk of traveling from place to place tasting wine -- or any other adult beverages. Even if each person is determined not to overindulge, it can happen to anyone when inhibitions are loosened up a little. Wine tours are a little like bar hopping, even if the activity feels more sophisticated.

The only other safe option would be to have a designated driver for each vehicle, which, again, detracts from the original purpose -- which is to have fun as a group tasting different kinds of wine. 

Concluding Thoughts

Contact a few coach services that offer transport for regional tours. Learn the different rules each one has, such as whether riders are allowed to have food and beverages, including alcoholic beverages, on the coach. Get quotes and determine how much the cost will be per participant. You'll be ready to start organizing a fun and safe tour for everyone involved.


21 March 2015

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