3 Ways That A Trained Freight Broker Can Help Your Business


If you are importing goods from another country, then hiring a freight forwarder is key to getting your goods from customs to their final destination. Here are 3 ways that a trained freight broker can help your business to run smoothly.

Handling Customs

First off, a trained broker will be able to handle customs and getting your goods. He or she should have access to the tracking information for your goods, and then he or she can give you updates on what is happening.

For instance, he or she should be able to tell you when the ship has berthed if you are doing sea shipments. Your broker should also be able to tell you when the goods are off the ship, when they have been picked up, and when they have cleared customs.

In addition, the broker should send you the bill for customs so that you do not have to work directly with the customs offices. This is much easier, and your broker will be able to break down all of the fees so that you know what you are paying for.

Labeling Boxes

Second, your freight broker can also handle the boxes once they have passed through customs. This means that if the boxes are not labeled for shipping to the final destination, you can send him or her the labels, and then the broker can attach all of the labels.

Many brokers charge a fee for this service since it takes time to label and organize everything, so you need to find out what their fee is for each box. In some cases, you can have the manufacturer attach the labels before they are shipped to the U.S., and then you do not have to worry about paying the fee.

Shipping Goods

Once the labels are on, your broker can also check for damage to the boxes and can tape them up if they are cut open at all. There should not be an extra fee for this, but instead should be included in the broker fee that you pay every time.

Also, the broker should have a daily pick up schedule with UPS so that your goods can be picked up by the end of the day on any given weekday, and then they can be shipped to their final destination.

If you need some goods overnighted, then give special instructions to the broker so that he or she can make this happen.

In these 3 ways, your trained broker can handle all of your goods from the seaport so that the goods get where they need to go.


11 March 2015

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